When you put your health in the hands of a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider, you trust that you will be provided with proper medical care. Unfortunately, even competent healthcare providers sometimes make mistakes. Medical negligence occurs when a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider fails to meet the applicable standard of care and that failure causes or contributes to injury or death. Common types of medical malpractice cases involve:


- Surgical errors

- Anesthesia errors

- Failure to diagnose a serious illness or condition

- Administering or prescribing the wrong medication

- Birth injury


Medical negligence claims are complex cases that require careful evaluation, hours of preparation, and the assistance of experts who can offer opinions as to the failure of the healthcare provider to meet the applicable standard of care. At Groves | Powers L.L.C, we have the experience and resources to properly evaluate and prepare your case. If you believe that you have been injured or a family member has died as a result of the negligence of a healthcare provider, we will carefully evaluate your case and explain your options. Once we agree to take your case, we will give your case the attention it requires and aggressively fight for your right to compensation.


In medical malpractice claims, like all injury claims, you have a limited time to file your case in court. Waiting too long to contact an attorney may jeopardize your ability to recover compensation for your injuries.

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